Your rights and responsibilities


Care for you with respect and understanding
• Expecting high-quality treatment and care.
• Respect and care for the patient.
• Whole-hearted care with no discrimination in terms of race, religion, denomination, cultural values, gender, age or financial capacity.
• Requirement for the medical staff - nurses, technical persons, doctors – to introduce themselves, to inform you of their role in your treatment and explain what they will do for you.

Information on your treatment
Your medical team will inform you of the procedure which is recommended for you. Expect the provision of this information:
• Your diseases or health status, and the suitable procedure.
• Expected risks and results from the recommended procedure.
• Options for additional procedures, apart from the recommended one, and their risks and results.
• Your role in taking care of yourself.
• Information and skills required on your part.
• Improvement in your health status.
• What will happen during treatment.

Participation in decision-making regarding your treatment
• Require information on the benefits and risks from the recommended procedure, your health problems and alternative procedures.
• Reject diagnosis, refuse operation or treatment.
• Receive pain degree assessment and require its reduction.

If you are underage, your family or custodian will make decision regarding the application of any procedure.

If you are practically unable to make a decision, the clinic will grant these rights to any representative nominated by you who is legally empowered to do so.

Your privacy during your stay in the clinic is guaranteed. All conversations, results from analyses and procedures, remain confidential.

• Closing the curtains around your bed or the door of your room.
• Declare that you do not accept any visitors.
• Require your identity to be kept secret during your stay in the clinic.
• Require to change your room in case you are not satisfied with the conditions (your request will be respected if there is a room with the required conditions available)

It is very important to reduce the pain and the staff will take care of it. The clinic's staff will do their best to plan the pain influencing and help reduce it, in case you need to.

Filing a complaint
Your opinion is important for us. This includes any complaint you might have regarding the quality of treatment and care for you. If you wish to complain and you believe that your patient rights have been violated, the medical, administrative and managerial staff of the clinic will do their best to solve the problem as soon as possible. If you are still dissatisfied, you have the right to complete an official Complaint Form. Expressing your dissatisfaction shall under no circumstances have a negative effect on the procedure and care for you.



Provide information on your health status
You are required to provide complete and correct medical information about yourself: medical background, including your current health status and diseases, previous diseases and hospitalization, medicines you take, and any information concerning your health which you are aware of.

Get detailed explanation
If information concerning your role in the diagnosis, procedure and care is not exhaustive and sufficient, it is your duty to ask questions until you get the needed information and clearly understand it.

Conscious decision
Since you bear responsibility for every decision concerning the care for you, we recommend that you become acquainted with the entire necessary information before you make a decision. Your written consent may be requested for some procedures or operations. In order to understand each document you have to sign, you should ask all questions as may be deemed necessary.

Information on changes
Please inform your doctor of any change concerning your health condition.

Accept the financial conditions
You have to make the payment in time, once the hospitalization begins, and by the method you have selected.

Respect the privacy of others
It is important that you show understanding towards the other patients and do not violate their privacy. The sound of your telephone, TV or radio must be kept at a level which is acceptable for the neighbouring patients.

Observe the clinic's rules and the laws
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the clinic and all closed areas in Turkey.
You have to comply with the rules for visits and safety in the clinic. Live flowers are not allowed in the patient rooms due to the risk of infection.
Please note that the other patients and the staff in the clinic also have rights.
Once the hospitalization is over, any check-ups must be previously coordinated, except in case of emergency. Timely information on any potential check-up postponement is an important responsibility of the patient.