Lip Aesthetics

Having full and attractive lips is a privalage every woman wants. Lips are indespensible as sign of attractiveness, fertility, femininity and, most importantly, beauty. Lip operations are performed to have full lips, an important aspect of having a beautiful face.

Reasons to Have a Lip Aesthetics Operation

Women who have thin lips or have lips that are too large choose to have a lip aesthetics operation to improve the overall beauty of their faces.

As a result, wrinkling above the lips are reduced and narrowing lips, caused by ageing, are returned to their former beautiful glory, all the while maintaining and enhancing the natural shape of the lips. Stimulating the collagen in the lips causes the lips to freshen and improves their quality.

Surgical Methods

There are three main methods, filling with foreign material or the patient’s own tissue, surgically reshaping the lips and changing the shape of the patient’s smile.

1- Lip Injections: These could either be filler materials or the patient’s own tissue, and are used to give the lips a fuller look while keeping the natural shape of the lips.

2- Lip Operations: There are two basic surgical methods. The first involves making incisions inside the mouth and filling the fleshy parts of the lips with material, increasing their visibility. The second method, used on patients with thin lips and those who have a larger than necessary distance between their lips and nose, lifts the upper lip. Neither method leaves any scarring.

3- Changing the smile’s shape (Mona Lisa Smile; Canine Smile): The shape of a person’s smile is actually their most important signature. It is the sign of sincerity, trust and joy. The lips and teeth have to be in suitable positions for a good smile. A canine smile is where the upper lip rises in a way which exposes the canine teeth before the full smile. Although it can look pleasant on some people, it is generally not wanted by many. The Mona Lisa smile is where the corners of the mouth are pulled up and out, and the upper lip is raised to show the upper teeth. It gives a calm and sincere vibe, and can be created with Botox. Moreover, dentists who also perform aesthetic procedures can recommend a solution to people whose smiles expose too much of the gum.

Type of Anaesthesia and Length of Procedure

Local or general anaesthetic is administered depending on the method decided upon. Local anaesthetic may not even be used for some non-surgical procedures.

Recovery Period

The lips are one of our body’s most sensitive places. It is absolutely normal for there to be swelling and bruising following a procedure due to the ease lips can swell and the high level of blood flow to them. Swelling and bruising will disappear within 7-10 days.