Our patients testmonials

Very pleased!!! Everything was perfect for great price. Dr. Demiray performed my face surgeries better than I expected. Slimlipo results are really better than vaccum and other laser loposuctions I had. The staff of Royal Esethic is friendly and helpful, both during my we are stay in Istnabul and after that.
Rossi, BULGARIA, Patient - Blepharoplasty, Fat injections, Eyebrows Lifting, Slimlipo
I had 2 best surgeries last month in the hospital. It is the most luxury clinic I ever visited and the kindest staff!
 Charlotte. SWITZERLAND, Patient - Tummy Tuck and Thigh lift
Burnumdan operasyon geçirdiğim Hastane yeni ve 5 Yıldızlı otel konforundaydı.Bütün çalışanlar oldukça ilgili ve güleryüzlüydü.Daha önceden Amerika da Burun düzeltme operasyonu geçirmiştim ancak sonuçtan memnun kalmamıştım.Bu sebepten 2. defa Burun düzeltme operasyonu geçirdim.Amerika'da ki kötü tecrübem sonrasında oldukça korkarak yaptırdım, ama sonuç tam anlamıyla mükemmeldi.Operasyonun üzerinden henüz 2 ay geçmesine rağmen artık aynaya bakmaktan çok keyif alıyorum.
 Kaan TURKEY, Patient - Nose Job
When I first time called to Royal Estethic I asked about a breast enlargment with anathomic implants price. I booked a date for my surgery and arrived in Istanbul by plan.The service in the clinic was very professional. I met my surgeon Dr. Demiray and after the cunsultation with he, he adviced me to use implants round shape, witch was more cheaper than the anathomic!! My breast now looks exactly by the way I want and with the money I safed my teeth are now so white! Thanks a lot and see you soon!
 P.K. SLOVAKIA, Patient - Breast Implants and cosmetic dentistry
Dupa vizita mea la dvs. mi s-a  schimbat viata radical. Adresez sincere miultumiri  tuturor personalului care au avut grijă de mine în mod constant timp  de zece zile în timpul şederii mele. Acum, eu zâmbesc permanent, nu numai pentru că zâmbetul meu este nou şi minunat, dar pentru că mă simt fericita  cu o silueta noua şi amintiri unice din Istanbul.
  D.I. ROMANIA, Patient - easthetic dentistry and Slim Lipo 3 areas
Chtěla bych říci, jak jsem byla ráda a spokojena s celou nabízenou službou, kterou jsem dostala od fantastického průvodce, hotelu a samozřejmě léčby. Péči a pozornost, které absolutně překročila moje očekávání týkající se mé vlasové transplantace.  Jsem Velmi šťastná a můžu jí Vám pouze doporučit.
 Radka CZECH REPUBLIC, Patient - трHair transplant
Very nice service and very luxury hospital with good doctors and staff. My expirience in Istanbul was great and feel satified after my nose surgery and my new look.
 Carol. USA, Patient - Nose job
Клиниката е уникално луксозна, а персонала много грижлив. Цените за операция с импланти Ментор са много по ниски от тук. Много съм доволна от избора си и горещо препоръчвам клиниката.
 Elena,. BULGARIA, Patient - Breast implants
I had very comfortable staying in Istanbul after my surgery. The surgery was very successful and I'm very pleasured of the results. My friend from Turkey recommended me Royal Estethic and because of he and the staff in the clinic I feel happy with my new look.
 P.W. SWEEDEN, Patient - Slim Lipo and thigh lift
My girlfriend and I went to Royal Estethic in May and we passed over our surgeries together. We both was hesitant because of the very cheap prices, double more cheaper than here! But our surprise was great from the entrance! The clinic is pretty modern, very caring and hospitable nurces and trustful surgeons, who done perfect job. Last days in Istabul we spent examining the city but the time and after surgery discomfort was an obsticle for us to can see it whole. For sure we will come back to Istanbul.
 O.C. and E.E. FRANCE, Patients - Hair transplant, Breast lift and Fat Injection 2 areas
Very pleased with how the operation went, though the operation was only 4 weeks ago my hair seems to be growing back already.
 S.H. IRELAND, Patient - Hair transplant
I would like to say a big and hearty “Thank you” for all cares for me during my staying in the clinic for breast enlargement and uplift. It's difficult for me to find a words to describe the hospitality and professionalism of the wonderful Burcu and Umut and whole the staff in the clinic. At the first moment meeting Dr. Demiray, his personalty, professionalism and honesty makes the patient to feel utmost trusted and calm. The atmosphere in the clinic is unique – modern and stylish with very cozy patients room, witch I can't compare with no one place or clinic I saw in my country or Western Europe. At this place I just felt like in 5 stars hotel.
Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in world. Written above – the hospitality, the trustiness and the warmth are a qualities inherent of all people in Turkey.
I made the best possible choice for my surgery and THANK YOU a lot for the perfect time spent there, for the friendly relation, for all cares and that you made my life better!
 R.Z. BULGARIA, Patient - Breast uplift with implants
Everyone was so lovely. Thanks a lot of the staff of Royal Estethic. I'm very pleasure of my surgeries!
 Peter. UK, Patient, Cataract Surgeries