Insurance – travelling abroad


What is a medical insurance for travelling abroad?

HealthThis is a type of voluntary insurance which covers expenses in emergent situations where medical aid is needed during your stay abroad. Depending on the insurance cost, some insurers offer different types of additional coverage, such as hotel expenses and air ticket date change in case your stay is prolonged, 24/7 assistance via telephone connection with the insurer in your country, medicines and consumables in emergent situations. Apart from medical expenses, this type of insurance may also cover luggage loss, legal defense costs, etc. The insurance is concluded for the period of your stay abroad.



Do I need a medical insurance?

The surgical procedure during your stay in the clinic is guaranteed by the contract you have concluded with the clinic and the health care laws applicable in Turkey. After you leave the clinic, just like with every travel abroad, it is recommended that you have medical insurance for the trip itself. To this end, you may choose the most appropriate insurance company in your country which offers such type of insurance.


How to choose an insurance and how much does it cost?

When making this choice, it is important to make sure that the insurance covers all or most of the following:

  • To be valid on the territory of Turkey.
  • To cover medical aid provided by both public and private clinics.
  • Not to require from the tourist to pay at the spot for any aid received.
  • To cover high-degree risk of possible postoperative complications.

Share with your insurer the reasons for your trip so as to be offered the most suitable insurance. The prices of this type of insurance differ in each country depending on the coverage, the services included in the package, and the age of the insured person. Yet standard insurance for travel only costs several Euro, and such amount is not reasonable to spare not only in this case, but also every time your travel abroad.