• Do I need a medical insurance for travelling abroad?

    The surgical procedure during your stay in the clinic is guaranteed by the contract you have concluded with the clinic and the health care laws applicable in Turkey. After you leave the clinic, just like with every travel abroad, it is recommended that you have medical insurance for the trip itself. To this end, you may choose the most appropriate insurance company in your country which offers such type of insurance. When making this choice, it is important to make sure that the insurance covers all or most of the following:

    • To be valid on the territory of Turkey.
    • To cover medical aid provided by both public and private clinics.
    • Not to require from the tourist to pay at the spot for any aid received.
    • To cover high-degree risk of possible postoperative complications.

    The prices of this type of insurance differ in each country depending on the coverage and services included in the package. Yet standard insurance for travel only costs several Euro, and such amount is not reasonable to spare not only in this case, but also every time your travel abroad.

  • Do silicone implants cause breast cancer?

    No. Many medical analyses have shown that silicone is a safe material which does not cause any changes in the body's biological functions. Some studies even reveal that the percentage of women with silicone implants is lower, which is rather due to the fact that in most cases they have smaller-size mammal glands, therefore they are at lower risk of getting sick.

  • Do silicone implants obstruct breast-feeding?

    No. Silicone does not obstruct breast-feeding and this is the absolutely categorical opinion of doctors. The implants do not interact with mammal glands in any way. Therefore, no silicone gel may get into the milk no matter where the implant is placed – under or over the muscle.

  • Who pays the expenses if my stay at the clinic needs to be prolonged?

    The package All Inclusive prices include a second additional night at the clinic, if your surgeon deems it necessary.

    Therefore, you do not owe any additional or hidden charges in such case. The number of days for hotel accommodation included in the All Inclusive price exceeds by one day the minimum stay required by each operation for recovery prior to travelling back home, i.e. the risk of having to prolong this period is kept at a minimum. However, if your stay needs to be prolonged, some types of medical insurance, if you have any, cover such expenses. In case you have no insurance or it does not cover such expenses, you may rely on preferential prices for your prolonged stay. This option exists in theory, but the practice has proven that this hardly ever happens.

  • Is it necessary to deaden the teeth when placing facets?

    No, facets are made for live teeth only. They are carefully filed only within the enamel limits to allow facets to be placed.

  • Can I choose the type and size of implants?

    In terms of breast implants - yes. The manufacturer Mentor USA offers implants which differ in shape, size and surface. During the consultation, your surgeon will advise you individually which type is the most suitable for you in order to achieve optimal results, in accordance with your wish. The final decision is always made by the patient. The price of implants differs depending on the shape and is included in the surgery price, while the size does not affect it in any way – whatever size you choose, you will pay the same amount for a smaller or larger implant.

  • Can I get a discount for a second procedure or individual offer?

    Yes, in case you choose a second or more procedures which you would like to be performed in the clinic during your stay, you get up to 25% off its value. When the procedures you have chosen are more in number, you should ask your operators for an individual offer which will include the best accommodation conditions and discounts.

    You can also be sent an individual offer if you wish to prolong your stay in Istanbul, to go sight-seeing, if you have any special requirements concerning the hotel or you prefer to stay at another hotel, or if you want to use any other additional services during your stay.

  • Can I arrange my stay in Istanbul by myself?

    Although the accommodation prices we offer are preferential and much lower than the usual prices in Istanbul, if you prefer to arrange your stay and trip by yourself, you have relatives or friends who could help you with the accommodation and arrangements, you could, of course, do that. The All Inclusive prices are only an option intended to make the stay of a patient in Turkey easy, cheap and well organized. In the section "Prices", you can see the value of each surgery. In the event that you do not wish to use the All Incllusive services, the total value you will have to pay will be equal to the sum of surgery price (including the surgery, anesthesia, consumables and/or implants), one-day stay in the clinic with food and medicines during the stay - 80 € and 60-120 €, which is the value of elastic underwear depending on its type (if the surgery requires any).

  • Will I have any scars after the surgery?

    Every surgical operation leaves permanent scars; however, they fade over time and in most cases are barely visible. In plastic surgery, with a view to the esthetical effect, surgeons do their best to make the scars as invisible and as little as possible. However, each patient who has decided to undergo a plastic surgery should accept the fact that scars will remain. In most cases, they are esthetically acceptable, and they may also be revised and reduced in the future.

  • Can I travel with companion?

    Of course. You could take a friend or relative to accompany you for the entire period, including during your stay in the clinic. We offer an option for a companion to spend the night in your patient room, and to this end, we will ensure a comfortable studio for two.

    The package prices we offer are for one person, but since most patients wish to travel with companion, the additional payment for double accommodation during the entire period of stay is at preferential low prices varying between 150 € and 190 €, depending on the period. For more information, please see section "Prices", subsection "Additional services" on our website.

  • What is the postoperative care after I get back home?

    After you get back home, special care is required until the recovery period is over. You shall be given instructions in this respect by your surgeon. The first thing you should do when you get back home is to call your general practitioner and inform him/her of the surgery details. If during the examination your GP finds any postoperative complications, you should send us information on them – your GP's diagnosis, pictures, analysis results, etc., so as to enable the surgeon who has performed the operation to offer any solution. In the event a second intervention is required, the correction in the clinic shall be either free of charge or at substantially reduced cost depending on the cause for complication.

    Being examined by your general practitioner is of exceptional importance, not only to eliminate the risk of complications, but also for the psychic condition of the patient. For many patients, getting back home causes groundless anxiety because the surgeon is far away and personal examination is impossible. Most patients are wondering whether a certain body response is normal. Your surgeon will be at your disposal to answer all your questions at all times; however, the best way to eliminate your worries is to undergo postoperative examinations by your GP.

  • What is the guarantee for the surgery result?

    The procedure and your stay in the clinic are subject to contract between the patient and the clinic (or the surgeon), and are governed by health laws and medical ethics. Your patient rights are guaranteed by this contract and the health laws of Turkey which do not differ much from those worldwide.

    When the patient undergoes a surgical operation, he/she must be aware that they all hold potential risks; therefore, he/she should undergo such operation only if ready to accept such risks. In plastic surgery, one of these risks is dissatisfaction with the result. Since every patient's expectations and notions are individual, and in some cases – inflated, no plastic surgeon in the world could fully guarantee that every patient will be satisfied. In such cases, a second operation is usually required, and in the event of dissatisfaction with results, we could offer a much lower preferential price within 12 months of the first surgery.

    Another main risk is postoperative complications. To prevent the risk of infection during the stay at the clinic, antiseptic medicines are infused into the patient, and after he/she leaves the clinic, the surgeon usually prescribers antibiotics, with regular check-ups in the following days. However, when the patient does not follow the doctor's prescriptions and does not maintain good hygiene, he/she might be at risk of infection. Such cases are commonly covered by the medical insurance for travelling abroad. This is why we highly recommend all patients to make such insurance when arranging their trip, and to specify its conditions with the insurer. 


  • Why are medical services in Turkey cheaper?

    Accessibility and high quality of health care has been a main state policy in Turkey for the last several years. It has been pursued through an overall health reform which ended successfully in 2008, and which places the accent on ethics and care for the Person. According to data of the Statistical Institute, the prices of medicines from 2003 until present have been reduced a total of 250 times. These facts inevitably reflect on the prices of health care services. Generally, in contrast to many other countries, the health care policy in Turkey is entirely focused on the care for the patient at the expense of the profit of health care institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

    On the other hand, the Turkish economy ranks among the top ten European economies. Here is why the health care establishments in Turkey have new and high-tech equipment covering the highest medical standards.


  • Will I be able to have a conversation with my surgeon prior to my trip to Turkey?

    Yes, of course. You may ask the surgeon you have selected about anything and get a competent answer from him/her. If possible, we could arrange a direct video call with your surgeon. This is a preliminary consultation which will give you more information for your choice and it does not replace the personal examination and consultation with him/her. After you arrive at the clinic, once the examination and analyses are performed, the surgeon will talk to you in person about his/her final opinion and advices. If the information you have provided on your health condition - pictures, allergies, hereditary diseases, age, general body condition, etc. is correct, there should be no discrepancy between the information you have received prior to your trip and during your personal conversation with the surgeon after arrival.

  • Is travelling back home safety?

    Each procedure or surgery requires a recovery period and compulsory postoperative stay in Istanbul which lasts depending on the type of surgery performed. During this stay, you undergo regular check-ups by your surgeon, which guarantees that your recovery is normal and once the prescribed period is over, there is no problem for you to travel back home. There are many myths claiming that travelling by plane after having silicone implants placed is dangerous; however, this is not true at all, even sensitivity during the flight remains unchanged. Placing low-quality implants bears many risks which may occur at any place or time, but the silicone implants which we use are manufactured by the market leader Mentor USA – with the longest experience in manufacturing breast implants and the largest volume of such products, as compared to the remaining manufacturers.

  • Is medical tourism safety?

    Perhaps this is the first and most important question raised by all patients who have decided to visit another country. Every surgical intervention holds a risk regardless of where it is performed. To reduce the risk, the patient must carefully study the following factors:

    • Is the clinic certified by the Ministry of Health and is it legitimate;
    • Opinion of patients from all kinds of sources;
    • The surgeon's experience and qualification;
    • The accuracy of service and information provided on trip arrangement;


  • What is medical tourism?

    Medical tourism is a term used to describe travelling which combines sight-seeing with the main focus placed on health care. Since health care in the different countries of the world is at different level, most people usually choose medical tourism either because of the higher level and innovative equipment, or the lower price. And Turkey is among the few countries in the world that combines them both.

  • What additional costs I might have?

    The All inclusive prices published on our website fully cover all costs on the surgery, including any medicines, stay at the hospital, food during your stay there, implants and consumables. If your stay at the clinic needs to be prolonged, the price covers this option as well. It also includes accommodation in a 4* hotel for the patient, with breakfast for the number of nights, as required by the type of surgery. All transfers from/to the airport, the clinic and the hotel, as well as regular check-ups, are also included in the price. These prices are final and you do not need to pay additionally.

    The other main costs, which you will incur on your trip, are postoperative medicines and food – lunch and dinner during your stay at the hotel. Turkish Airlines offer low prices of air tickets to Istanbul which are competitive to the low-cost airlines, with no such restrictions or any other hidden charges. Due to the lower VAT on medicines in Turkey, the prices of medicines are lower than those in most countries. Postoperative medicines are prescribed by the surgeon, although in most cases they consist of antibiotics, painkillers, lotions for scar treatment. The hotel offers an option for dinner against payment of 10 Euro/day, but the abundance of restaurants and tasty food in Istanbul is really great, and the food options are many and boundless – from a pleasant dinner at the Bosphorus to online food order from the numerous websites offering all kinds of Turkish specialties.